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Chrissy Faery

Hey there beautiful soul!

I’m Chrissy Faery and I’m a crystal therapist and Reiki practitioner, with a passion for making handmade gemstone jewellery!

I first became interested in holistic healthcare in 2006, after developing multiple, chronic health conditions. It was then that I learnt about crystal healing, and discovered the exceptional power and beauty of this ancient healing modality.

As my passion for crystal healing bloomed I felt called to share this with others, and in 2012 I began my training to become a certified crystal healer. I also studied Reiki and later became a Usui Reiki master.

When I’m not using crystals in healing sessions, I adore making gemstone jewellery! I get so much joy from making crystal jewellery that’s infused with all my love, compassion and care, and I’m so incredibly grateful to be able to share my creations with the world!

My designs are created to bring balance to the mind, body and soul and I’m dedicated to selecting the best quality gemstones, which will benefit the wearer the most.♥

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