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Crystal of the Month: Black Tourmaline

Hey lovelies!

Let’s talk about Tourmaline!

One of the most used (and loved) crystals in my collection, has to be black tourmaline! It’s such a beautiful stone for grounding and its powerful, flowing energies provide outstanding protection against unwanted negative energies.

Its ability to deflect negative energy, combined with its cleansing and purifying properties make black tourmaline (aka Schorl) especially effective at protecting the aura against the effects of psychic vampires (who may otherwise leave you feeling drained).

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline may be carried (or worn as jewellery) to protect against physical attack and harm to the physical body. It’s also a fantastic stone for protecting against electromagnetic radiation.

Black tourmaline works wonderfully to remove negative thought patterns and therefore may be beneficial to anyone suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. Black tourmaline also helps to remove any energy blocks, which may be holding you back.

Physically, black tourmaline can help strengthen the immune system, improve digestion and aid detoxification.

Black Tourmaline Properties

As a crystal healer, black tourmaline forms an essential part of my kit; not just for helping my clients, but for grounding and cleansing my own energies, after I’ve finished each healing session. It’s also my favourite go-to crystal, for grounding after meditation.

Black Tourmaline

Top 4 ways to use Black Tourmaline

1. Grounding (may be held, worn as jewellery or meditated with)

2. Protection against negative energies (may be worn as jewellery or used to grid your house or front door, to draw off negative energies)

3. Protection against electromagnetic radiation (may be placed around your computer, television or other electronics).

4. Easing stress, improving the immune system and promoting a positive mindset (may be held, worn as jewellery or meditated with)

If you’ve enjoyed this post and have any questions about black tourmaline, please leave your comment below and I’ll do my very best to help you!

I’ll leave you with a random crystal fact!

Much love,





Random Black Tourmaline Fact: Black Tourmaline is both piezoelectric and pyroelectric, which means that it develops an electric charge when pressure or heat is applied. Because of this, it’s been used in the past to draw ashes out of pipes, and is now used in many appliances, as a component in thermostat switches.


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10 Crystal Facts That May Surprise You!

Faeryflair Crystal Facts

1. Pyrite (fools gold) is a cause of acid rain!

When coal containing small particles of pyrite is burnt, oxidation occurs, and sulphuric acid is formed. When this is released into the atmosphere, it falls as acid rain!

2. Opals contain up to 30% water!

Opals are hydrated silicon dioxide, usually containing between 4-9% water. If some of this water is lost, they can loose their iridescence!

3. Quartz is piezoelectric, meaning that when pressure is applied, it develops an electric charge!

This makes Quartz crystals ideal for using in many applications, such as ultrasound scanners, computer chips and quartz watches!

4. Ice is a crystal!!

Ice is in fact a crystalline mineral, it just has a lower melting point than most!

5. Diamond is the hardest natural substance on earth!

However diamonds are not quite forever, as over millions of years they’ll turn into the very soft substance, graphite (which pencil ‘leads’ are made of!).

6. Stibnite was used as an ancient eyebrow pencil!

Ancient Greeks used Stibnite as a cosmetic, naming it after the greek work ‘stibium’ meaning ‘that which marks’.

7. Tourmaline is pyroelectric!

When heat is applied, Tourmaline develops a static charge which pulls lightweight objects (such as paper) towards it. In Holland it was used to pull ash out of pipes, to clean them!

8. Smokey quartz has been irradiated!

When quartz containing small traces of aluminium is irradiated, smokey quartz is created! Smokey quartz is often exposed to artificial radiation, which tends to be darker in colour.

9. Vanadinite is named after the Norse Goddess, Freya!

Vanadinite was named by Swedish chemist Nils Sefström, who named it after Goddesses Freya’s ancient title, Vanadis!

10. Obsidian is a natural glass!

Formed when volcanic melt cools very rapidly, Obsidian does not have time to form a crystalline structure and is therefore a natural, volcanic glass.

Top 5 Crystals for Reducing Stress

Crystals to Reduce Stress

Chronic stress can lead to a whole host of health problems, but unfortunately, in our hectic modern-day lives, stress can be hard to avoid.

Thankfully, there are measures we can take to try and minimise our stress levels, and daily meditation and exercise, coupled with eating a whole foods, plant-based diet, can certainly help.

If you’ve been attuned to Reiki, then performing self-healing Reiki sessions regularly can also be really beneficial (or visiting your local Reiki practitioner) and using natures tools (such as essential oils and crystals) can help to restore tranquillity and balance to your mind, body and soul.

I work with crystals daily, and I find that wearing them on my body (as jewellery) is a wonderful way to connect with their energies, particularly during times of stress. I also enjoy holding them in my dominant hand and meditating with them often – paying close attention to how they’re making me feel.

If you’re experiencing chronic stress (or are going through a difficult time) my heart really goes out to you, and I hope that the crystals I’ve listed below will be helpful in supporting you.


Amethyst – A beautifully protective stone, which is ideal for calming the nerves, soothing and balancing the emotions and helping to reduce anger. Amethyst may also be beneficial for those experiencing post-traumatic stress, and people who have difficulty coping with change.

Sodalite – A wonderful crystal for calming anxiety as well as over-sensitivity and fear. This crystal is perfect for those with a tendency to worry and helps to encourage a clear and rational mind.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz  – A gorgeous crystal with grounding properties, which transmutes negative energies. It can be used to help improve mood, promoting a calm and balanced mind. This crystal is also ideal for bringing your awareness back to the present moment.

Lepidolite – A truly beautiful, calming crystal for easing stress and insomnia. It helps to bring about a peaceful state of mind and can be helpful for anyone experiencing big life changes, or for those who have issues with trust.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine – This crystal has a beautiful energy which soothes and balances the emotions and encourages deep relaxation. It’s an especially good crystal for supporting students through the stress of exams.

Crystal healing is a complementary therapy and any information given on this website should not replace the advice of medical professionals. If you are experiencing stress which is having an impact on your physical or mental health, please consult your doctor. x

Balancing the Crown Chakra with Crystals

crown chakra crystals

The crown chakra is the uppermost of the 7 major chakras and resonates the fastest. It is associated with spiritual enlightenment and may be balanced using one or more of the high-frequency crystals listed below. You may also wish to chant the bijas ‘Om’ or ‘Ah’.

Sanskrit name: Sahasara (meaning thousandfold)

Location: Top of the head.

Main Issues: Enlightenment, understanding, wisdom, peace, spiritual connection.

Areas of the Body:  Pineal Gland, Hypothalamus, Brain, Head.

Imbalances may cause: Feeling ungrounded, scepticism, difficulty thinking.

Colour: White Violet


  • Clear Quartz
  • Snow Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Magnesite
  • Howlite
  • Rainbow Moonstone

Balancing the Third Eye Chakra with Crystals

Third Eye Chakra Crystals

The third eye chakra is located on the forehead between the brows and resonates faster than the throat chakra at the frequency of the colour indigo. This chakra may be balanced by meditating with the crystals listed below and by chanting the bija ‘Om’ (pronounced aum).

Sanskrit name: Ajna (meaning to perceive).

Location: Between the brows.

Main Issues: Intuition, creativity, dream recall, visualisation.

Areas of the Body: Pituitary and pineal glands, brain, eyes, nose, temples.

Imbalances may cause: Poor imagination and focus, inability to visualise, nightmares, headaches.

Colour: Indigo


  • Amethyst
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Lepidolite
  • Labradorite
  • Purple Fluorite

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