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Crystal of the Month: Fluorite

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This month’s crystal of the month is fabulous Fluorite!!

Fluorite was referred to in ancient times as ‘The home of Rainbows’ and it’s no surprise, as this delightful crystal can be found in a beautiful array of colours, which are often banded, resembling a rainbow!

Fluorite is found in forms of green, blue, violet, purple, yellow, brown, and clear. There’s even pink variety, found in the Alps (but this is rare!).

Each colour has specific properties, but all embrace the same general qualities.

All forms of Fluorite have a protective energy, which works to deflect negativity, protect against psychic attack, and shield against the electromagnetic pollution, emitted by computers.

The stabilising properties of Fluorite make it a brilliant crystal to use in times of need, and it is one of my favourite ‘go-to’ crystals to relieve the effects of emotional distress.

Fluorite works wonderfully to bring you back to reality, and encourages clear, logical thinking and improved intuition. These qualities make it an excellent companion, to guide you through difficult situations.

Different colours of Fluorite can be used, depending on the type of situation:

Yellow Fluorite: Yellow Fluorite stimulates creativity and intellect. It works to improve mental abilities, particularly memory and is useful for those wishing to work more effectively as part of a team.

Green Fluorite: Green Fluorite has a very calming effect and is excellent for grounding excess energy, cleansing the aura and dissipating emotional trauma.

Blue Fluorite: Blue Fluorite has great balancing energies, which calm the mind and stimulate physical and mental coordination.

Violet Fluorite: Violet Fluorite opens the 3rd eye chakra and improves intuition, logical thinking and spiritual communication.

Purple Fluorite: Purple Fluorite has the same properties as violet Fluorite, but is better suited for shielding against electromagnetic radiation.

Clear Fluorite: Clear Fluorite, as with other clear crystals, can be used to open the crown chakra and improve spiritual connections.

Fluorite is great for those needing orderly balance and organisation in their lives and is a wonderful stone for support and protection. It is a great crystal to have in any collection!

I hope your week is blessed with abundance,

Crystal blessings,





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